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We dedicate great part of our time to transform each garment into one of its kind statement piece. Most of the process is done by hand to give the product its soul and unique feel. But…

How does it work? What we do?

We source base products from the best vintage shops in Barcelona. This is the place where the journey starts. Each piece is carefully selected, cleaned and inspected. At this stage, we choose what is going to happen with each style. Our decision depends on many factors, like the quality of fabric, weight, colour, special features or any visible imperfections.


Visit in the vintage shop in Barcelona

There are several places selling great quality vintage goods.

Selected by us clothes must be clean and without major damages. Only the best quality denim will go through!


The next stage is to assign designs to selected clothes

Each piece will be processed with the corresponding technique.

In this case, we use one of our favourite – Shibori.


Indigo dyeing is the most valued by us technique

The number of possible designs is enormous.

From traditional tie-dyeing to more complex
shibori folding techniques. The photo shows the indigo bath with characteristic “purple flower” floating on the surface. Indigo vat is ready for use.

What do you think about our process?

¿Would you like to see our final pieces?

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Dyeing with indigo is an accumulative process.

The depth of colour depends on the number of dips.

Some pieces are submerged only
once and other up to 8-9 times. Photo shows shirt after five dips.
The beautiful green colour will turn blue when exposed to the oxygen.


The same design just before its last dip.

Multiple dips may sound like a very time-consuming process.

It definitely requires time, but this
way we can achieve colours we wanted.


After satisfying the number of dips

The design is unfolded, rinsed and left to dry.

The last details are applied after another inspection. At this stage, we attach
patches, change buttons and do any other amendments.

The final wash and garment is ready!

What about inspiration?

Surprisingly, this is quite a difficult question to answer. Before we get to it, we would like to point out one very important life experience, which was the trip to India. One part of the trip was the visit to craft villages in Gujarat district. The craftsmanship and professionalism present there is absolutely astonishing. Every single piece of textile is made by hand with the use of very basic tools. Moreover one person can be the designer, supplier, manufacturer and seller – a true fashion design master! That trip happened many years ago, but its experiences are always present in our designs.  

It is safe to say that handcraft is what inspires us the most. We like to experiment by mixing techniques, changing them to our liking. Sometimes we just improvise with this what we have handy. We like to discover new possibilities – it makes us happy.

Happiness itself is an inspiration.

The future

We love to work with vintage clothing so we plan to expand our offer with more product areas. It should happen in very near future. We also think about developing a brand new collection with Idiosyncratic feel to it, but this idea is still in its infant stage

It is also possible that we will join forces with more designers – collaborations are always welcome!


Give us a shout if you want to work with us!