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We are Mariona and Grzegorz, two individuals with a passion for handcraft. We come from two different areas of creative design – graphic design and fashion technology.

The concept of Idiosyncratic has been born several years ago in Manchester, but the official tag was created in 2017 in Barcelona. After long period of experiments with traditional fabric design techniques, we have managed to create our own design identity. Now we work with indigo dyeing, patchworking, block printing, silk screening and discharge dyeing.

Idiosyncratic started as an upcycling brand, working with vintage denim clothing, mostly shirts. Our idea was to transform already existing product into one of its kind statement garment. At this moment, we only upcycle denim jackets as we turn our attention to newly created womenswear line of hand-dyed clothing.

This line is fully made in Barcelona’s small workshops, ensuring not only the quality of clothing but also encouraging the local economy. Dyeing process itself is carried out in our own studio. Each garment is prepared and dyed separately in order to achieve consistency across the whole line. We use natural dyes and auxiliaries to minimise the impact on the environment.

The simplicity of shapes is merged with the complexity of traditional craft. Our aim is to promote values of craftsmanship and slow fashion.

This is just the beginning! Join us on our journey!